London workwear printing services

Corporate promotional workwear

The method of printing on T-shirts using foil flex and flock. It gives the effect of a thin film of very high opacity colours and clarity of the edge label. It involves excision of the plotter models with special film and then annealing the pattern on the fabric. This method is characterised by high durability of printing and allows you to make single copies. It does not require pre-press printing, which significantly reduces the cost of the printing process. The short-run is the cheapest method of printing. The main cost is the price of foil used, so the cost is dependent on the surface of the print. The only requirement of this method is the preparation of the project’s vector graphics, as a cutting plotter reads only the graphics. This method can be carried out in basic colours of the printed film available on the market.


Clothing prints

Clothing prints should not only be made in such a way as to fully reflect the detail and color palette of the graphic. It is also important that the effect is lasting and does not disappear after the first few washings. We can print any kind of prints on this shirt and we will be happy to prove that we can handle it in the most comprehensive way.


With years of experience and quality of service, we are able to earn your trust, but when it comes to technical preparation by which we print our clothes, we always try to be modern, tested and efficient. Especially the last advantage is important to us because many of our customers have selected our printed clothes for advertising purposes (such orders can count tens and even hundreds of prints on shirts).


Flex vinyl

Flex film is a great way to mark single color projects such as variable names or numbers, giving you the opportunity to personalize your order. The print made with flex foil is very thin and stretchable, adapting to the material, which ensures high wearing comfort. This is a method that is perfect for marking t-shirts, jackets, bags, umbrellas or working clothes. See the catalog of advertising clothing. Flex vinyl allows you to obtain atypical and sophisticated prints that will fit into any wardrobe element.

Personalized work clothes