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Web design

Websites are now one of the most popular forms of advertising on the Internet. It became almost like the internet version of a business card. Its design has to be well-tuned to the direction of its activities.


During the creation of website’s layout, you should pay attention not only to the aesthetic side but also to its functionality as well as the purpose. It is vital to clearly present the benefits offered by your product or service. We guarantee that the site designed by us will be far from boring; instead, the page will be refined in every detail, to its creation we will apply all the rules of effective advertising and promotion.


We provide the following services:

  • design and construction of sites,
  • purchase of a domain and providing space on a server,
  • development of content and image preparation,
  • development of slogans and advertising slogans.

Logo design

A logo represents the image of company whose main purpose is to win the trust of customers. As market competition grows, effective recognition is a challenge. A business letter is more than just a letter or a picture. We will make it stand out from others and attract the attention of the audience. A professionally designed brand is the opportunity to show off the best and the chance to win new customers. We can confidently assure you that designing and redesigning your logo is our specialty.


Which logo will be best for my company?

The answer is simple – the logo is made to measure. That is the original idea that conveyed the idea of the company in a simple and attractive form. Designing a brand is a process that requires not only the knowledge of the company and the market in which it operates but also the talent and artistic sense, knowledge of marketing, management and printing issues. Our team takes care of all these factors. We know the secret to creating a tailor-made logo that is tailored to your business profile, other than all, well thought out and elegant and carrying a clear message.

Identity design

Nowadays is known that “as you see – they write you so”, so a consistent image of the company is the basis. Thoughtful visual identity is a complement to a professionally designed logo. Affects the presentation of the company, trusts it in the eyes of customers and builds brand loyalty.


Not every company inspires confidence at first sight. Our team will give you this advantage by creating a unique and high-quality visual identity of your business. We offer you an identification strategy that will bring out the benefits and uniqueness of the brand, check it on the web and on various advertising materials.


What can be a part of identity design?

Visual Identity Book – a tool for creating a professional company’s image. It defines the rules for the presentation of the company. Nowadays it is more common to find it in the form of a PDF file than a printed one.


Logo – this is the basic and elementary component of the visual identity. It is the base part around which a coherent and integral whole of the company’s image is built.


Letterheads and business cards – are communication documents that are the company identifier and one of the public relations tools. Properly designed components of these prints build image and positively testify to the sender.


Promotional materials – for example catalogs, leaflets, brochures, folders, etc.


Electronic components – the most important components o the website, but they will also be the footer for electronic mail and banners placed on various websites.

Web page design and corporate identity