London vinyl graphics services

Vinyl lettering

To cut self-adhesive vinyl we use professional cutting plotter D120R, cutting width 120 cm. The active head allows to cut with the highest accuracy even very small elements. The OPOS X system allows contours to be cut out from previously printed materials. We provide printed stickers in any shape and quantity. We would like to mention that advertisement made of adhesive vinyl is more durable than any other commercial vinyl. It is more resistant to weather conditions (wind, rain, sunshine, snow, colour loss). The vinyl is easy to remove without damage to the surface, even if you are a total novice and never had to deal with vinyl before.


The most popular use of self-adhesive vinyl graphics:

  • Decorative graphics for cabinets, walls, shower cabins, cars, motorcycles, scooters, children’s room.
  • Painting templates: for painting on the wall, decorating, marking.
  • Advertising information: opening hours, description of the activity, information, number of premises, inscriptions on billboards, signs, banners.

Etch glass  windows vinyl

Frosted vinyl is used on the glass for a frost or a sandblasting effect. It is a special material that gives the effect of sandblasting glass similar to the reflection of light from a frozen surface with plenty of ice crystals. Especially used for decoration on windows and doors. Frost-resistant vinyl can be printed.


Frosted vinyl is used to create and diversify the interior design. Frozen vinyl give a lot of possibilities for decorators. You can print inscriptions, logos, graphics. The plotters give you many options for cutting. You can cut small patterns in large sheets of vinyl, but also create small stickers, company logos, graphical room signs. You can use company motifs, geometric figures, belts of various thicknesses. The prices of the vinyl might be more attractive for customers than ornamental glass.


Application of frosted vinyl:

It is most often used vinyl for decorating window displays, glass surfaces, and glassware. It also serves to inform people of large glass panes which can be normally difficult to see. In modern office spaces, glass walls are used to separate workstations and boxes. Transparencies allow you to eliminate the problem of visibility of walls and glass panes.


Frosted vinyl can also mask fingerprints on glass doors and windows and it is easy to keep clean. The usage of frosted foil increases the strength of the glass. It makes it more resistant to impact and stops it from scratching. Frost vinyl also increases safety when the glass is broken. Glass fragments will be held together and it reduces the risk of injury when the glass is broken. This is especially important in places where many people are visiting.


Moreover, the use of frosted vinyl ensures intimacy as it makes it impossible to see what is happening on the other side of the glass. It is a great way to get a space for private business meetings. Frozen foils are often used in kitchens, ambulances, service rooms and toilets.

Monochrome stickers for glass

Single-colour stickers are generally cut out of vinyl foil shapes. We offer a very wide range of colours, from matt to even chrome. We provide every quantity and size of the stickers. If you need a sticker in custom colour we can print it and then cut out. We provide stickers on a special film, which allows you to place stickers on the surface in one piece. Stickers can be placed on the inside or outside of the glass. In the case of internal exposure, stickers should be made in the so-called mirror image. Then they can be placed on the inside of the room.


Full colour stickers on the glass

Multicolour stickers can be printed in any format, size, and quantity. We can prepare a high-resolution picture as a sticker. Outdoor stickers are usually laminated to protect them from fading and mechanical damage.


Glass stickers for visibility from the inside

To provide visibility and light transmission, we use One Way Vision vinyl, which transmits light. This film has special tiny holes. The image is visible from the outside. This type of stickers are widely used on shop windows, car windows, or public transport. The sticker is always placed on the outside of the glass.


Stickers on the glass without visibility from the inside

Often used on door entry glass. The image is only visible on one side. Generally placed on both sides of the pane so that they are visible to the inbound and outbound traffic. We use different types of vinyl, depending on exposure period and conditions. They have a shelf life of 3 months, even up to 10 years. Shapes can be arbitrary. The vinyl we use for window stickers is characterized by a large thickness, so it does not pass the light.


Stickers on the glass without visibility from the inside but light-transmitting

They are widely used in offices: decorative, room dividers, or sun protectors. To make this type of stickers we use a matte clear vinyl. The surface is covered with a glass, but it still transmits light. When it is used in a correct way it can enhance the design of the room. They can be used for both interior and exterior windows in all shapes and sizes. We assure assembly.

One Way Vision Vinyl

Window vinyl is a very effective form of advertising. One Way Vision vinyl is a high-quality perforated foil (punched). Thanks to small, evenly spaced holes, it provides excellent semi-transparent light, effectively reducing light access to 50%. Perforated vinyl allows you to present the placed on glass vinyl elements (e.g. windows, doors) while allowing some of the light come through. It does not restrict the visibility from the inside, the vinyl is visible only on the outside. Thanks to that people inside the room or vehicle on which the OWV vinyl is mounted, can easily see what is going on outside. At the same time, graphics are visible from the outside only. The process of placing it on transparent surfaces requires a great deal of precision so we can do it for you.


One Way Vision Perforated Vinyl

One Way Vision perforated vinyl is a material used for glass surfaced. His transparency makes it a popular use in a wide variety of vehicle and shop advertising. Ideally suited for applications on display windows. It can be successfully applied to windows in shops, offices, and salons. Perforated OWV can be used on windows as well as on glass doors or on glass facades of buildings. In each case, it provides the privacy of the person in the room. It is easy to place on a glass surface. The same applies to the use of perforated One Way Vision vinyl on public transport (e.g. buses, trams) or corporate cars. Passengers of the vehicle will be able to see comfortably the view from the inside of the vehicle. From the outside, only the graphic elements can be seen.


Application of One Way Vision vinyl

One Way Vision perforated foil is used in a variety of facilities, vehicles, and companies, regardless of industry. In addition, the window film exhibits resistance to external influences for up to several years.


Application of OWV film:

  • shop windows,
  • public transport vehicles (eg buses, trams) and cars,
  • sales offices such as automobiles,
  • windows in office buildings,
  • glass door.

Self-adhesive vinyl stickers