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Green Sign UK provides Contractor & Construction Signs to customers in the United Kingdom. Depend on us for hoarding boards, job site signs, building signs, contractor advertising graphics, vehicle signage, double-sided scaffolding banners and other solutions.

Vehicle sign and wrapping

Vehicle sign or wrapping are the most popular, most economical and generally available form of advertising presenting content externally. Due to the high availability of the client, the possibility of moving, the lack of rental fees for display space – are undoubted advantages of this form of advertising, which influences its popularity. The offer of our company covers the whole range of possibilities of presenting the offer in the form of mobile. Depending on the needs or financial capabilities of the customer, we are able to offer many solutions and possibilities of gluing a company car, combined with an attractive final price. Combining many implementation techniques will satisfy even the most demanding customer. We offer a comprehensive service from the project, through professional graphic design to the application and possible protection of the graphic design.


The most popular techniques for performing an ad on a vehicle are:

  • Advertisement on the car so-called vectors cut from monomeric vinyl.
  • Vector advertising with increased strength on polymeric and cast vinyl.
  • Collage printing on polymeric, monomeric and cast vinyl.
  • Full-page advertising on the car – the most attractive form of advertising.

Full-colour scaffold banners

If you planning to advertise your construction, roofing or other enterprise company, scaffold banners are a great opportunity for you. A scaffold banner can be one of the low-budget way to promote your business directly to the consumer. If you choose large format banner you can’t be unnoticed by potential customers.


We supply full-colour printed scaffolding banners as well as vinyl signs and boards to companies based in South West London and all UK area. We print monochromatic and colorful banners, so you can have any design you want. If you don’t have it we can prepare a banner design, based on your company identity, for you. The most popular sized of scaffolding banners is measure 1m square. Our clients choose this size most often but we can print larger if you want. In fact, we can print up to any size you need. We recommend for the biggest printings a mesh material which allows air to flow through tiny holes in the material preventing them being damaged in excessively windy conditions. We provide a large range of types scaffold banners and custom banner sizes which are fit to your needs.


Double-sided scaffolding banners

We also offer double-side scaffolding banners which are printed on a total block out PVC, which means you won’t be able to see the design on the reverse when they are up on site. Moreover, the material is a tough, reinforced, 700g PVC. It has a black membrane sandwiched between two sheets of white PVC making it total block and opaque. It’s really useful feature. These scaffolding banners have sleeves at the top and bottom and an eyelet in each corner on the pocket weld for added strength so it’s easy to installations.


We digitally print thanks to Solvent based UV inks which helps to prevent fading and we can print up to any size on PVC or Mesh for very large banners. The most popular scaffold banners measure by our customers is 1m x 1m and includes sleeves top and bottom. Remember, we can print banner in every colour and size for you.

Information and advertising boards

As the name implies, advertising boards are primarily responsible for informational or typically advertising. It is made in many presentation techniques and a variety of backing materials. This form of outdoor advertising, depending on the priority of the contractor, we offer in several main price groups. Prices depend on the type of backing material, the technique of making graphic elements, the way of finishing, the functionality expected by the customer from the end product.

The main breakdown is based on the following examples of external ad groups:

  • Economic versions – short-term, where the lowest price is the product.
  • Standard versions – medium-term, where the best price-to-durability of advertising is the best.
  • Over-standard option for long-term outdoor exposure.


The most popular board’s materials

The most popular backing materials used in this product segment are:

  • PVC board,
  • correx plates,
  • Dibond, TuBond, AirBond,
  • galvanized sheets,
  • aluminum sheets,
  • stainless steel sheets,


Advertising and information graphics used in the above mentioned are mostly 2D elements in the form of printed graphics, cut – plated in foil or milled for products entering the elements of external advertising in 3D.

Printed hoarding boards

Hoarding boards have a few main purposes for builders, no matter how big or small your project might be. These hoarding boards help to maintain the confidentiality, safety, security, and privacy of the work sit. Moreover, it also serves to give potential clients a good first impression of the building that is coming up. The first impression is very important because is hard to correct so you should care about your professional image. The printed hoarding boards help educate and inform the public about the project. A nice designed printed hoarding board can also help to increase numbers of your clients.  Remember to put into it your contact information.


Green Sign UK use only the latest machinery, printing technology and tools to create professional hoarding boards. Also, good design which we can provide can stand out your business from the rest. We have over 2o years of experience as well as passion and talent for the visual arts what makes us the right advertising company for you. We help you build the right image.

Corporate branding workwear

The most durable method of printing on clothing is the use of flex or flock vinyl. This type of printing involves transferring a single-color film to the fabric surface by means of a high-temperature thermal press after cutting it according to a personalized design by a cutting plotter. The vector design is sent to the device and then precisely cut on the vinyl selected from the template below. We have a wide range of colors available on our regular offer. It is also possible to print in non-standard colors if required by the design concept. After cutting the vinyl through the plotter, it is necessary to get rid of the unnecessary elements. Only then can we go to transfer the pattern to the fabric by means of the press.


The quality of the foil, the pressure and the time of application, as well as the high temperature (about 150 degrees Celsius), guarantee long-term durability. The adhesive properties of the vinyl allow for easy positioning of the print on the garment. The greatest advantage of this type of vinyl is their strength. Applications made by this method are characterized by high temperature resistance during washing. Flex or flock prints are suitable for washing up to 80 degrees Celsius. Flex and flock vinyl provide good fabric coverage, resulting in a clear and durable effect. This way of marking clothes allows you to carry out projects with small size items. The minimum thickness of the workpiece is 1 mm. Flex and flock foil are suitable for printing on many types of fabrics, both natural and synthetic.


We can print on the following products:

  • t-shirt, polo,
  • vest,
  • hoodie,
  • shirts,
  • work clothing,
  • shoe bags,
  • gastronomic clothes,
  • trousers,

Durability and economics are the main advantages of this method of labeling clothing. Low cost and speed of realization make the printing with flex and flock vinyl is becoming more and more popular. Applications made with this method are ideal for workwear and sportswear, but also for shirts, blouses, bags and all kinds of textiles.

Photography for builders

We provide professional construction photography and time-lapse movie services for traders, builders and property developers. Good design and images on your website should be more than a series of well-presentable pictures where your building or property looks their best. We provide you a series of photos which show the personality of your business. It can be also professional portrait photos of your crew.


The photos we take, you can use on your website as realizations, as well as on Google Business, Checkatrade or similar listings. High-resolution pictures are often useful for printed commercial or vehicle wrapping. Marketing materials with real photos are more reliable for clients, thanks to that more effective. We would like to help you use photography to grove strength of your business.


Aerial movie and photography for builders

If you want to show off your building listing in a unique way, you should ask us about aerial movie and photography. Only aerial photography or videography gives you a possibility to present your realizations from a different perspective in high-resolution materials. Aerial pictures will be a perfect complement to a basic portfolio. It helps you build an image of a professional and prestige company.

Custom splashbacks

A print on a glass is a popular way to decorate your home or office. You can place it on walls, furniture elements, even on the floor and glass ceiling panels covered with sophisticated graphics. Due to the low cost of printing on glass, it becomes available to everyone. Today you can enrich every interior with custom, full colour glass screens with high-quality photos, any graphics or paintings.

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