London banner services

Large scaffolding banners

Advertising banners can help to promote your business or product at a variety of events, promotions, and fairs, as well as mega-advertising on building elevations. Thanks to the use of vinyl fabric, you get a banner easy for installation and transportation. Moreover, it is weather resistant and mechanical damage. We print banners on different types of materials. Graphics can be very detailed and have a good colour saturation. Advertising banners are ideal for indoor exposure and as an outdoor advertising. Banners are finished with eyelets thanks to which they can easily be mounted on fences, facades of buildings, walls or between columns.

We produce the following types of banners:

Banners Frontlight – vinyl fabric for one-sided printing. These banners are highly resistant to UV, temperature change, waterproof and general wear and tear. It is very convenient to transport – just roll it into a roll.


Blockout – vinyl fabric for double-sided printing. These banners have a special spacer that will not allow light to penetrate. Resistant to weather conditions and mechanical damage. The separator in the fabric makes the banners uncluttered even on sunny days and are perfectly legible.


Backlight – a vinyl fabric that transmits very well and disperses light, is used for illuminated graphics.


Adhesive mesh advertising featuring a mesh structure that allows air to flow, reducing the wind load. It is used as advertising banners on elevations, scaffolding, sporting events, etc. The grid is characterized by a smaller weight than other banners.


Banners Canvas – textile for interior applications, ideal for interior design and also as advertising material. Interesting mainly because of unique texture and noble appearance. Looks like a painting canvas. It is non-flammable. The material can be sutured, meshed and reinforced with tapes.

Outdoor vinyl PVC banners

Due to its low price, variety of applications, reusability, ease of installation, banner advertising is one of the most popular forms of visual advertising that brings real benefits. Depending on the materials used and the protection against external factors, the advertising banners may be exposed in the short or long term.


Standard banners are made on a 510g material, characterized by high strength. Advertising banners are finished by welding and meshing which ensures durability and allows easy assembly anywhere. There is a possibility of individual banners. Information on the finish should be included when ordering. Due to its small size, folding advertising banners are very convenient for transportation and use. Advertising banners are made on the material of the frontlit type, with One-sided printing, eco-solvent printing. No additional lamination is required to protect against water or UV exposure, up to 5 years.


Custom made banner design

If you don’t have your own banner design you are welcome to ask us about individual banner design based on your company identity. Check our portfolio page to see our previous realizations.

Due to the relatively low price, versatility, reusability, and ease of installation, banners are a very popular medium for advertising. They may be exposed to the elements short or long term, depending on the materials used and the method of protection against external factors. Banners are digitally printed on modern machines and thanks to this the benefits of high quality and very high resistance to external conditions can be achieved. Banners are finished off by means of welding and eyelets. Printed graphics are of high detail and excellent full colour saturation.

We offer a large selection of standard banner sizes to choose from, or you can specify a custom size to fit your needs. By working from design to outcome, we provide graphics for your project from scratch, as well as professional installation on site.

Custom made banners